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In the late summer of 1978 I arrived hot foot from living and working amongst the vineyards of the Rheingau. My sole intention was to re open the almost derelict and closed Blue Boar at Longworth. 


The Blue Boar opened in November of that year (And it was still pretty derelict), to howls of derision ringing in my ears that it would never last. Well here we are over thirty five years later. Still hanging in there!

I took my first tentative business steps that year into the very cold “ Winter of discontent”. It was pre Thatcher, pre Charles and Diana and pre the quiet revolution that was about to take place in our wine industry.

In those days if you walked into a pub and asked for a glass of wine you were viewed with deep suspicion. At best you would probably be served an indifferent Vin de table, at worst something that would take the enamel off your teeth! Only in Restaurants or wine bars could you hope for something drinkable.

Then came the quiet revolution of new world wines, invading our shores and conquering our hearts. Spearheading the invasion were the shiraz and oaked chardonnays from Australia and jaw dropping sauvignon blancs from New Zealand. Followed closely by fantastic wines from South Africa, Chile and Argentina.

At a stroke these wines cut a swathe through the confusion and mysteries of the French wine regions. We now have been educated into, more often than not, ordering by grape variety and country.  However the Europeans have not stood still. In the face of the massive competition from the new world they have responded by improving the wines they now send us, and in some cases adopting new world techniques and employing new world personnel. 

The result of all this means that we have at our disposal a huge array of wonderful, affordable wines. Despite constant hikes in Duty, VAT and Fuel costs you can sit in this village pub in rural Oxfordshire and order a bottle of sauvignon blanc for around £17. It started its life on the other side of the world in the foothills of Marlborough New Zealand and has been produced to a standard and quality that one could only have dreamt about thirty five years ago. Amazing!  

I hope you enjoy our wines. Thank you for coming to visit us!

Bon Appetit 

Paul Dailey

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